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You can add to the symbol database!

Sympsionics is being developed as an open source symbol language. We welcome contributions.
To ensure consistency, please read the Symbol and Icon Design Specifications and Guidelines below.

Symbol and Icon Design Specs and Guidelines

    • Please familiarize yourself with the existing database before adding new entries   Sympsionics on SVPwiki
    • You may create numbers, or symbols
    • Developing new symbols by combining or utilizing existing symbols is encouraged
    • Please limit the colors you use to the target palette below
    • All the colors have meaning and can apply to both numbers or symbols

Seven SVP Colors
This target image represents all the colors used in Sympsionics.

Files are built CMYK in draw programs. Please build only CMYK files so as to remain consistent for printing.
    (When files are converted to .jpegs for the web, they will default to RGB.)

Blacks are rich: C=100, M=100, Y=100, K=100 or   
C=60, M= 60, Y=60, 100

Font: Myriad Pro, regular and italic.

When you create your Photoshop document, please follow specifications and check grid lines.

Download the PDS Template specs, click here to download .psd or here for .jepg.

There is an Illustrator template, not yet on the database. Please email us if you need it.

Color Meanings & Sound Colors
Color Meanings

Sound Colors

Sound Colors

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